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Wet Diffusing



The wet distribution type of diffuser that we carry in our assortment is the vaporizing or humidification device; also based on the principle that no heat is added but this time the reservoir of the diffuser will contain mainly water and the essential oil that the user wants to disperse into the room is carried by a cold-water vapour that is generated by an ultrasonic membrane in the bottom of the reservoir and assisted by a small fan that will blow a plume of water vapour mixed with essential oil. A good way to also add some humidity to the room if needed. The device will shut down when the running timer is expired or when the reservoir is empty. 

In order to avoid the solids will over time reduce the effectiveness of the diffuser the water should be clean. No problem to use tap water although if the hardness is high (> 80 ppm calcium and >30 ppm magnesium) it is recommended to boil the water first and let it cool to room temperature before using it in your diffuser or use de-mineralized water or filtered water from a reverse osmosis set or high-quality water filter. The water reservoir of the diffuser should be regularly cleaned with kitchen paper to avoid residue to stay behind.